Authorized Reseller of Nature’s Head and OGO composting toilets.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, because they separate the liquids from the solids and the solids decompose.

Based on usage of 2 people, Nature’s Head solids bin will hold approximately 50 uses. OGO has a capacity of 25-30 uses. Urine bottle depends on usage. Typically every 2 – 3 days.

The unit can operate without the fan but it helps the composting process and eliminates any musty smells.

Yes, it works fine anywhere a toilet is needed.

Sphagnum peat moss or coconut fiber, it takes about 2-gallons for Nature’s Head and 1-gallon for OGO, or up to the center of the agitator bar. Should be moist but not too wet. Do not use Miracle-Gro peat moss as it has additives.

Check out our How they Work page for more information as well as a helpful video that explains the answer to this question more in depth.

You may have heard people use the term, "compostable toilets," but that is actually not the correct term. If something is compostable, it means that the object is able to be composted--returned to the earth. The earth-friendly toilets at Nature's Earthly Way are actually referred to as "composting toilets" because they turn human waste into compost.