Authorized Reseller of Nature’s Head and OGO composting toilets.

Product Specification and Instruction Downloads

Nature's Head Spec Sheet


White Granite

  • 13 “ wide at the base
  • 19” front to rear
  • Overall height: 21”
  • Height to top of seat: 20”
  • Overall width, Spider handle: 17 3/4”
  • Overall width, Standard handle: 21”
  • Liquids bottle capacity: 2.2 gallons
product-image product-image
  • Full size molded-in seat for safety and comfort
  • Five-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • All stainless hardware
  • Agitator handle can be mounted on either side
  • Meets all “No Discharge” regulations and is a U.S Coast Guard Approved type III marine head
  • Can be vented on either side of the unit
  • Is completely self-contained; needs no water for flushing
In the box:
  • 5 feet of 1½ inch inside diameter hose with ends
  • Exhaust fan (pre-installed)
  • Inside vent flange
  • Agitator handle
  • 2 mounting brackets and knobs
  • 4 mounting bolts (for wood floor installations)
  • 6 feet wiring for internal fan hook-up required for 12 volt system
  • Fuse holder and fuse for direct battery attachment
  • Allen wrench for installation of spider handle
  • Liquids tank cap
  • Installation and User's Guide with Warranty
In the box:
  • The OGO™ Toilet
  • Mounting Screws
  • Vent Hose - 5’ Length
  • 12V Power Cable
  • Spray Bottle

The toilet is 15” deep by 16” wide by 18.5” tall, and weighs about 28 pounds.

  • Motor runs for 45 seconds
  • Solids bin has a capacity of 25-30 uses before needing changed
  • Urine bottle holds just over 2.4 gallons of liquid

If you have access to 110V (optional - sold separately) Plug one end of the adapter into a wall outlet, and the other end into the small power jack (5.5 x 2.5 mm jack) on the back of the toilet.

If you only have access to 12V (provided in box) Plug the power end of the cord into the power jack on the back of the toilet and use the open leads to wire directly to your power source. The red wire the positive wire and the black wire is the negative.

Fan Power
  • Always on
  • 20 mA rating
Motor Power
  • On when mixing
  • 5 Amp rating
Average Daily Draw:
  • Fan: 0.48 Ah/day
  • Motor: .06 Ah/.day
  • Assuming: 4-5 uses per day

    1.5-5.5 Amp draw

    2 min. cycle time

Insert Swaps

The inserts for the venting/power and inlet filter can be swapped depending on which direction your power source/venting capabilities are coming from. Pop out the insert from the inside of the toilet, and pop them back in on the desired side.

Vent Hose

Your OGO comes with a 5 foot vent hose that has black adapters on each end. These hose ends fit a 1-1/4” PVC pipe. Place one end of the hose on the T-bar that’s on the back of the toilet. The other end will attach to your exterior venting capabilities.