Authorized Reseller of Nature’s Head and OGO composting toilets.


After a series of DIY and different toilets, the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet is the perfect solution for our tankless tiny houses’ toilets… its use and cleanup are a breeze.”

~ John & Fin Kernohan, United Tiny House Association & Beloved Cabin Tiny House Homestead & Stay.

My wife and I purchased one of your composting toilets, following a good bit of on-line research, for our newly acquired off the grid forest cabin. I was skeptical as one could imagine and have now rated this toilet as one of the best purchases we have made for our cabin. It has performed flawlessly and exactly as advertised. I have emptied it and cleaned it only once in the past year and the longer it sets the better it gets! I perform more maintenance on the liquid bottle than anything else and that only consists of regular emptying and cleaning/deodorizing. It’s enjoyable in a humorous kind of way to instruct guests on the proper use of the toilet which is now second nature to us regular users! Great being able to support an Ohio company as well.

~ Ken K.

Congratulations…we have tried every composting toilet out there in our 30-odd years of living without a septic system…and Nature’s Head is absolutely the best there is…and almost half the price of some others!

~ Jan J.

My toilet has been operational for over a month and works perfectly..hold it to your nose and almost smells like a rose!! It is installed in my cabin which is off the grid. For ventilation, I have the original fan powered by the transformer to the gas powered electric wired system and most times it is vented by a solar vent fan on the end of the vertical stink pipe. Everyone who sees it marvels at its small footpath…Thanks for a great system.

~ Steven D.